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Designer Alexander Pfister and publisher Lookout Spiele are set to return to the "Oh My Goods! universe" in the board game Expedition to Newdale. Designed for 1 - 4 players, Expedition to Newdale take place some five years after the events from Oh My Goods! and according to the publisher no prior knowledge of the prequel(s) is required in order to comprehend and enjoy the narrative in this game.

Expedition to Newdale consists of eight different chapters, clocking in at around 90 minutes of playtime per chapter. Contrary to the previous iteration, Expedition to Newdale introduces an game board as opposed to just a deck of cards. What is interesting about the main board is that there are in fact several different ones available, depending on which chapter you are currently playing you will choose the corresponding board. Described by the publisher:

“At the beginning of the game you have your personal board, a coal mine as your start building and 5 hand cards. Depending on which chapter you are playing, the appropriate game board sits in the middle of the table. Each round is divided into 5 phases which are played in order (or partially parallel, once you become more familiar with the game).

In phase 1, a new event is revealed which usually alters the course of play in this round slightly (e. g., by introducing new buildings). Additionally the event card shows a fixed amount of workers which are available this round. An information which is much appreciated, as you have to place your action markers in phase 2. The latter are numbered 1 — 4 which is important for phase 4 and means that you need to plan ahead. But first phase 3: in this phase, more workers are drawn from a bag and get added to the others. This means that productions which would have been impossible before (because workers were missing) are now easily done. Pushing your luck might be beneficial! Phase 4 is the opposite to phase 2. Instead of placing your workers, you resolve their chosen action in order of their numbers. We hope you had a backup plan in place if your desired workers were not drawn in phase 3, because this can trigger an unpleasant chain of events! Not enough workers could mean that a production does not happen, which then means that you might not have enough money to build the building with your second action marker.

Oh, and your third marker was planned to directly produce in the newly built building? Well, where there is no building, there’s no place to produce in, right? Clearly: planning ahead, a little luck and good alternatives are the way to success. In Phase 5, all players can either use a free building action or draw new hand cards. The last phase is used to resolve all buildings which do not need workers, e. g., an automatic coal production or a building which offers the conversion of a certain good to victory points. Afterwards the next round starts, of which you play a total of seven. A final scoring at the end of round seven will then show if you win or lose.”

GameManiacs tipsar: För att förlänga livslängden på våra älskade spelkort i alla våra spel så kan man köpa plastfickor(sleeves) och sätta sina kort i. Detta för att skydda korten och hålla dem fräscha och fina ännu längre!

Antal kort i spelet:
220st (59x92mm)

3x Arcane Tinmen: Board Game Sleeves: LARGE

Boardgamegeek: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/272682/expedition-newdale

How to play video: 


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Lagerstatus: I lager: 1 st


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