Earth Reborn

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2065: The Earth is devastated by a global war, leaving the planet surface contaminated and uninhabitable, its lone inhabitants forced to survive underground in utter isolation. Five-centuries later, the few survivors of the conflict emerge as two powerful factions: the necromantic Salemites and the technologically advanced NORAD. Now, they face-off for precious resources and lost knowledge! Unfortunately, it is as much in the nature of Man to conquer and destroy as it is to build, and this Earth Reborn may well suffer as chaotic and somber a fate as the one it endured at the hands of humanity 500 years earlier! Designed by Christophe Boelinger (Dungeon Twister), Earth Reborn is a miniature-based, modular board game with infinite possibilities. The game simulates conflicts between emerging factions in a post-apocalyptic universe where each faction is looking to become the dominant force of the New Earth. You control a squad of diverse characters, leading their journeys through rich story-based adventures and very specific missions.

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Artnr: ER01EN
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara 1-2 veckor (förutsatt att grossist ej har slut)


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