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Dungeon Venture

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You stand before Velkan the White, the world's most powerful archmage. "Welcome, heroes," he says. "You have been chosen to defend the weak and to battle the darkness. You now serve the forces of the Light." Velkan chants arcane words whispered softly, then, suddenly, your bodies are enveloped in harmless blue flames. "Now you bear the Mark of the Light, and with it no mundane weapon shall ever truly slay you. For should you fall in combat, your body shall disappear and your life force shall wander ghostlike until you are able to resurrect yourself before an altar of the Glorious Light." "Are we immortal?" you ask. "Not entirely, no. Stay alive at all costs when appear the strongest servants of the Evil Keeper, those rare few bearing the Mark of Darkness. For to fall before these most powerful of fiends is to perish forevermore. Now go, heroes. Protect the land! Find the servants of evil and destroy them!" Protect the Land! Defend the Weak! Serve the Light! Find the Servants of Evil and Destroy Them! A fast-paced board game of dungeon adventuring, players in Dungeon Venture portray brave heroes who undergo a quest to foil the schemes of the Evil Keeper. The heroes adventure in a deadly dungeon, where a formidable Servant of the Darkness lurks, whom they must locate and do away with. But each time a hero falls in battle, rests at a shrine, or acquires treasure, they empower the Servant of the Darkness who awaits them at the dungeon's end!

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Artnr: GIO GU049
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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