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Dungeon Twister: Expansion 5 - Mercenaries

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Fight your way through! The Arch-Mage is tired of these frightened fools sent to his maze. His twisted mind is no longer content with just the poor and the weak. For a bloodier and better show, he now wants the best fighters, combat specialists and dogs of war. These Mercenaries from all around the globe are not here only for the fun of it; they're here because their greed is as great as their combat skills! From the honorable Samurai to the mad Berserker and the greedy Gold Dragon, which of these will survive this challenge? The Arch-Mage's Gnomes have been working long and hard to design brand new traps in order to maintain their reputation. Mercenaries, the 5th expansion for Dungeon Twister, provides eight new characters, many new objects and eight new rooms. Learn how to use the deadly Assassin's blow to instantly kill your opponent. Or maybe you'd rather make a ranged attack with your Crossbowman. And even if the arsenal your mercenaries are carrying isn't sufficient, then take some time and look through the armories in search of some new powerful weapons. All the characters, objects and rooms provided in this box are fully compatible with all the other Dungeon Twister expansions. You can mix components from different boxes in order to create your own team or design your own scenarios. Players are always learning new tricks, new strategies and new combos, and having different adventures You must own the Dungeon Twister Basic box to use this expansion. Contents: 8 square rooms; 2 sets of tokens (one per player) each including 8 characters and 6 objects; 2 starting lines; 2 sets of 8 cardboard figurines and 16 plastic bases; 1 rulebook; 10 neutral objects; 10 neutral forged weapons; several open and broken portcullis markers; victory point markers. Number of players: 2 Playing time: 60 minutes Suggested minimum age: 10+ Mechanic: -Action point allowance system -Hand management -Modular board -Secret unit deployment -Tile placement -Variable player powers

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