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Dungeon Crawler: Unbound Starter Pack

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Nearly a century has passed since the Black Tusk invasion ended and the eight Grassland Tribes united in defense against the tyrant horde. One by one the virtuous Chieftains met their fate on the battle grounds, all except for one, Kreadore Keldorn. With only one chieftain remaining, many of the grassland tribes became lost without their leaders and civil brawls broke out for the right of ascension. The valiant Chieftain Kreadore’s reputation rose above the turmoil of the tribes, and the challenge for leadership ended. Kreadore made a declaration to the grassland people that the lands would be his daughter and those within were under his protection. The people united under one flag, the flag of Keldorna. This brilliant white flag bares a seven point crimson eagle as a monument of the seven heroic Chieftains that gave their lives for the people. Pleased with the new King, the people were quick to take his lead and slept peacefully knowing they were protected… But today, the kingdom is ruled by Kreadore’s descendant and a new terror threatens the land. It is now the strength of King Maurtius Keldorn that the people turn to. He must now face the challenges that lie ahead as their southern border is threatened by a mysterious army making their way across the wastelands from the Ruins of Zhira. They lie in wait at Keldorna’s border behind their black wall and towers. Choose Adventurers, equip them, design your own Quests to conquer, seek out the evils that terrorize the lands, and save the Damsel in Dungeon Crawler: Unbound, an adventure card game that pits players against a series of perilous encounters deep within a domain of vile adversaries and insidious plot combinations. Dungeon Crawler: Unbound comes with a 65-card Crawler Deck, a 65-card Dungeon Deck, five Quest Cards, five Adventurers, a Player's Guide, and 30 double-sided tokens - everything you need for dungeon crawling.

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Artnr: IMP GVN001
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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