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Dragon Farkle

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The long enjoyed peace of Yon has been disrupted by a ferocious and mean-spirited dragon he’s terrorizing the locals and eating their livestock without their permission. Fortunately, a few wannabe heroes (that’s you!) have risen to the challenge of slaying the beast. Get yourself a brave companion, gather a powerful army, and enter the Dragon’s Keep. For cheese and country! -Easy to learn and teach. -Push-your-luck recruitment and battles promise each turn is filled with suspense. -A variety of companions and magic items ensure each game is different. CONTENT: • 30 Soldier dice • 1 Event die • 10 Compagnion cards • 20 Magic Item cards • 5 Player mats • 1 Dragon • 5 Damage counters • Rules 2-5 players 30 min 13+

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Artnr: ZMG71510
Lagerstatus: 1


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