Discover Lands Unknown

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Discover Lands Unknown is a exploration survival game for 1 – 4 players. Where you find yourself marooned in the harsh wilderness, and must then cooperate or compete to search for essentials to ensure your survival, such as water, food, tools and so forth. But the most interesting part about this game is that it joins Keyforge as one of the first Unique Games Which means that while mechanics and common components such as meeples will be the same in every copy of the game, The vast majority of the cards, tiles and tokens in your box will be randomized, selected from a vast pool of possible components. Thus each copy of Discover Lands Unknown will be a Unique Game (now good luck explaining your better half why you are bringing home yet another copy of the “same” game) :)

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Artnr: FDSC01
Lagerstatus: 1


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