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Deep Sea Adventure

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A group of adventurers got together on a submarine to try and gather the treasures that sleep at the bottom of the sea. Everyone geared up in diver suits, but having a very old submarine means sharing the same oxygen tank. If one of them dives too deep, the other divers' lives will be on the line! Will the adventurers make it back to the submarine safely?

The game takes place over 3 rounds, and the player to gain the most points over the 3 rounds is the winner. In order to gain points, you must bring the most ruins chips back to the submarine. You can only return to the submarine once per round, and you cannot progress more after returning. You cannot return to the submarine without bringing any ruins chips.

How to play video: 


Artnr: OIN9022
Lagerstatus: I lager: 1 st


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