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A seriously silly party game for people who love to argue. ''Do foil hats protect your thoughts from alien mind readers?'' ''Should post-mortem organ donation be mandatory?'' In Debatable all players are politicians taking turns debating both serious and silly topics using creative debate strategies like: ''Deny everything'', ''Resort to personal attacks'', and ''Use made-up science to support you''. Contents: 1 Rules sheet, 1 Sand timer, 93 Topic cards (465 topics), 60 Strategy cards (240 strategies), 1 Moderator card, 1 YES card, 1 NO card, 8 Vote Yes cards, 8 Vote No cards, 8 Under Pressure cards, and tons of laughter. 3-16 players 15+ 30-120 min

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Artnr: DE101
Lagerstatus: 1


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