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COSMIC ENCOUNTER: (Avalon Hill version 2000 - sista exemplaret!)

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''Go Forth and Colonize! Your race is in peril. To survive, your alien life form must spread five colonies to other star systems. Fleets of spaceships, willpower, guile, and a bit of tricky card play are the tools at your command. Those, and your special alien power! Using your power lets you bend, mutilate, or break one rule of the game in a specific way. But beware -- all of the other aliens in the game have their own special powers, too. With 20 different alien powers to choose from, every game is sure to be different and exciting. Unlike most games, it is possible -- in fact, likely -- that a game of Cosmic Encounter will end with two or more players all reaching their victory condition at the same time. The limitless combinations of alliances, negotiations, alien powers, and unpredictable attack orders make Cosmic Encounter a tremendously fun, lively, social game. Cosmic Encounter contains 4 Planet System Game Boards plus The Warp (central game board) 1 Mothership Playing Piece 4 Defender Carriers Playing Pieces 80 Colored Ships 12 Attack Orders (cardboard discs) 46 Encounter Cards 8 Artifact Cards 4 Alien Card Holders 20 Alien Cards Amoeba; power to ooze (unlimited ship movement) Anti-matter; power of negation (lower total wins) Chronos; power of time travel (can replay attack) Clone; power to replicate (keeps card played in combat) Empath; power of harmony (may change attack to negotiate) Filch; power of theft (takes opponent's used card) Healer; power to heal (can save others' ships from Warp) Laser; power to blind (makes opponent play blind) Macron; power of mass (each ship is worth 4) Mind; power of knowledge (sees other player's cards) Mutant; power to regenerate (maintains 7-card hand) Oracle; power to foresee (foresees opponent's card) Pacifist; power of peace (wins with negotiate) Parasite; power to infest (joins alliances at will) Philanthropist; power of giving (gives away cards) Sorcerer; power of magic (can switch played cards) Trader; power of transference (trades hands with opponent) Virus; power to multiply (multiplies in attack) Vulch; power to salvage (collects discarded artifacts) Zombie; power of immortality (never goes to Warp)''

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