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Commands & Colors: Napoleonics Prussian Army

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The Prussian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics (a copy of which is required to play). During the Seven Years’ War, small Prussia under Frederick the Great defeated the armies of Austria, Russia, and France to increase the size of its territories two fold and become a major power in Europe. But in spite of Prussia’s reputation as a formidable fighting nation, Prussia withdrew from the First Coalition as an active opponent of the French Revolution and remain on the sidelines until the Fourth Coalition in 1806. In 1806, the Prussian Infantry were products of a system that had not altered since the Seven Years' War. The cavalry although probably the best mounted in Europe thanks to the East Prussian horse studs, were scattered amongst the army divisions at Jena, and were committed in numerous uncoordinated attacks. In general, the lack of coordination of the arms in combat was one of the major causes of the Prussian defeat at Jena. In the words of Napoleon… "At Jena, the Prussian army performed the finest and most spectacular maneuvers, but I soon put a stop to this tomfoolery and taught them that to fight and to execute dazzling maneuvers and wear splendid uniforms were very different matters." - Napoleon COMPONENTS 1 Scenario Booklet featuring 20 historical scenarios plus Expansion Rules 2 National Unit Reference Cards 4 Block Label sheets 1 Terrain Tile Sheet - contains 15 double-sided Terrain Tiles 1 Square and Counter sheet 131 Wood Blocks: 23 French blue & 108 Prussian gray 78 Wood Blocks: 39 French blue & 39 Prussian gray 36 Wood Blocks: 9 French blue & 27 Prussian gray 1 double-sided Terrain Effects Chart Card PUBLISHED: 2014 DESIGNER: Richard Borg ART DIRECTOR: Rodger B. MacGowan UNIT ART: Pascal da Silva MAP TILES: Mark Simonitch PRODUCERS: Rodger B. MacGowan, Andy Lewis, Tony Curtis, Gene Billingsley, & Mark Simonitch

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