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Commands & Colors: Ancients: Exp #2/3 Reprint

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Friends, Romans and countrymen lend me your ears… Some of you have already discovered that Commands & Colors: Ancients is much more than a game. It is an expandable game system that allows players to fight historical Ancient battles. Imperial Rome and The Barbarians is the second expansion to Commands & Colors: Ancients. In this second expansion you will find historical battles that focus on Rome and the early Gallic invasion, invasion of the Northmen, the Servile War (Spartacus), Caesar's conquest of Gaul, the Roman Civil Wars and much more. Note on Combo 2 & 3 reprint Edition: With both of these modules out of stock and the mounted map originally included in them now available in the main C&C: Ancients game (and separately), we have decided to combine the two modules into one boxed pack and remove the mounted board to get you guys as inexpensive a reprint edition as possible. Exact components are listed below. Enjoy! COMPONENTS 3" Box 457 red, green, gray and black blocks 1 sheet terrain tiles 7 sheets of labels 2 reference cards 1 combined rule and scenario book

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