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Chronicles Of Crime 2400 (EN)

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Part of Chronicles of Crime - The Millennium Series Chronicles of Crime is back with a range of games called "The Millennium Series". Three brand new standalone Chronicles of Crime games, working with the same great system but providing interesting gameplay twists and refreshing universes that span an entire millennium from 1400 to 1900 and finally 2400. All three games are standalone but will offer connecting narrative threads for players to discover.

Welcome to Paris in the year 2400! Technology has taken a giant leap forward: androids, indistinguishable from humans, walk the streets, and having cybernetic implants has slowly become the norm. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in everyone’s daily life and, for many, Cyberspace has become a world as important as the real one.

Uneven access to new technologies, and a host of other inequalities, fuel social unrest which often turns into open violence. Paris has become a popular destination for people from regions that suffered catastrophic droughts, epidemics, and wars. It isn’t, however, a promised land, but a merciless world where the constant fight for influence takes place on every level, from big international corporations, through political extremist groups to ordinary street gangs.

In the standalone game Chronicles of Crime: 2400, you can use all the latest technology to solve crimes. Your pet Cyber-Raven can analyze evidence and search the web to find information on suspects. During the course of a scenario, you may also obtain cybernetic implants that would increase your abilities. Super-senses that help you find evidence on the crime scene? A tomograph to quickly check the person you’re talking to for cyber enhancements? Or maybe a zapper to quickly neutralize any electronic device? The future is full of useful stuff!


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Lagerstatus: I lager: 5 st


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  • OBS! Samtliga figurer, terräng etc levereras omålade om inget annat anges. (gäller ej tryckta komponenter till brädspel)