Caverna Frantic Fiends Exp

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WARNING! MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF ORCS Ghastly creatures are roaming through the forests of Caverna, pillaging your fields and pastures and threatening your families. - It is time to armor up and stand against those marauding orcs to bring peace and harmony to your land once again, all the while compering with the other dwarven families for the very few resources there are... In this second expansion for Caverna, you must each face the threat of four invading orcs by either sending your armed dwarves into battle or bribing the invaders to go the other way, or both. Either way, you must get rid of the orcs as quickly as possible. Plus, the sooner you defeat them, the better the reward. And yet, not all orcs are bad by nature ... if you really get to know them, they might turn out to be friendly after all... INCLUDES CHALLENGING SOLO CAMPAIGN!


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Lagerstatus: Lagervara, tillfälligt slut.


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