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Castle Merchants

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Designed by Jerry Dziuba In Castle Merchants you are merchants selling wares to various castles. You play path cards to create and move along the various paths to get to your destinations. The first merchant to accumulate at least 18 gold wins the game. This is a light strategy game for the whole family. It is easy to learn but offers several layers of strategy as you manage your hand to build the best path to get to your destination while also playing cards to hinder your opponents' progress. Contents: 60 path cards, 45 path tiles, 10 rock slide tiles, 20 wares tokens, 29 gold piece tokens, 4 plastic pawns, 4 player boards, 1 6-sided die and gameboard. No. of players: 2-4 Ages: 10+ Playing time: 45-60 minutes

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Artnr: ZMG7004
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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