Burning Empires (EARLY, MIDDLE)

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Burning Empires is a different sort of book than you might be expecting. Think of this book as ‘Part II’, or a compendium, to Hellfire and Back. It covers all of major forces that fought in the Mediterranean Theatre during 1940 and 1941 that are not covered in Hellfire and Back, such as the Fucilieri, Greeks, and French. With these two books you should be able to field all of the major forces in the region. Burning Empires also covers the wide world of the desert raiding war. Deep in the Sahara Desert, another war was being waged and Burning Empires drops you in the middle of that fight between Axis and Allied Special Forces. This raiding war will introduce you to another type of Flames Of War battles where high mobility, not thick armour, is the decisive factor in victory. What is this book about? Burning Empires is about all of the fighting that went on around the periphery of the famous North Africa campaign. It is about the battle for the Mediterranean Sea and struggle between the Axis and Allied sides to secure their flanks in Greece, Crete, Syria and the deep Sahara Desert. What historical campaigns covered by Burning Empires? Greece, Crete, Syria, and the Sahara Desert. How is the book organised? Burning Empires is divided into two sections. The first, which I have unimaginatively been calling the “main section”, includes the full-scale forces that fought in Greece, Crete, and Syria. The second part, called the “raiding section”, covers the exciting world of desert raiders such as the British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and the Italian Sahariana deep in the Sahara Desert. What makes the army lists from the main section different than other books? The Italians 1. The Italians in Burning Empires represent Mussolini’s invasion force poised to take Greece in 1940. As such they not inherently defensive like they are in mid-war, and neither are they fortified as they are in Hellfire and Back. 2. Like in Hellfire and Back the Italians in Burning Empires use the Early War 8 Million Bayonets special rules. However, it has the addition of the Black Shirt column to represent the Black Shirt battalions in Greece, which have slightly better motivation, but a bit lacking in the training department! 3. The Alpini mountain troops add a new dimension (up!) to the Early War Italians with unique gear such as mountain artillery and pack mules. Their mountain training allows them to scramble over supposedly impossible terrain and surprise the enemy. The Greeks 1. The Greeks are completely new to Early War. In Burning Empires, they have two forces: a mechanised and an infantry company. They are both based around the unique 19th Motorised Division which had the majority of Greece’s mobile assets. 2. The Greeks used mostly captured Italian gear as well as some British and French stuff purchased before and during the war. For simplicity we have recommended that people use Italian figures and vehicles for their force with perhaps a few Brits sprinkled in if they would like. But also keep your eye out for a special Greek command blister with some unique figures to add to your Greek army. 3. All five of the Greek special rules play on the fact that the Greeks soundly defeated the Italians in 1940-41. Even when the Germans invaded in 1941, the Greeks stood firm against some serious military might before eventually being overwhelmed. 4. Greeks are rated Fearless Trained to reflect their steadfast and effective resistance against the powers of fascism. The Germans 1. The Germans have four types of forces: an SS-Kradshützensturmkompanie (SS Motorcycle Rifle Company), an Infanteriekompanie (Infantry Company), a Fallschirmjägerkompanie (Parachute Light Infantry), and a Luftlandesturmkompanie (Glider Assault Company). The Infanteriekompanie comes in two varieties based on Gebirgsjager (mountain) and Waffen-SS (SS-Leibstandearte) troops that fought in Greece and Crete. 2. The SS in this book are rated Fearless Veteran (compared to Fearless Tra


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