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Brew Crafters

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It's a time of regrowth in the old urban center, and the hippest and best beer crafters have gathered both hops and hopes in building the best brewery in the city. It won't be an easy task, as players compete for precious resources such as malt, yeast, fruit and spices in the local markets, all while managing and optimizing their growing bottling empires. In Brew Crafters, players assume management of a local craft brewery, working hard to manage resources, use their workers wisely, and develop their brewing line to create the best local brews. Brew Crafters honors the tradition of classic Eurogames such as Agricola and Puerto Rico, but at its heart beats a unique brewery processing system that must be constantly improved, monitored, and manned in order to keep the beloved beverages rolling off the line. Each brewery has access to a variety of equipment upgrades, local farms, markets, and a plethora of specialty workers, ensuring a high level of replayability and strategic avenues. In addition, each player is studiously working to be first to develop several rotating gold-label specialty recipes that will earn them extra points and prestige at the end of year three when the best local brewer will be honored. CONTENTS -Full Color Rules Sheet -24 beer recipe cards -4 Local Partnership cards -24 Skilled Workers cards -5 player aids -1 wooden Stout glass first player marker -10 wooden Market Action meeples (in 5 colors) -130 wooden resource cubes (malt, hops, yeast, fruit, coffee, spices) -20 Research Track cubes (in 5 colors) -15 Brewery Shift tokens -5 personal Brewery Boards -5 double-sided Research Labs -Brewery Action Board -Main Market Action Board -Double-sided 3/4/5-player Market Action Board -Season (round) Board -215 Beer Batch tokens -21 Gold Label tokens -54 Reputation tokens -25 resource counters -75 money tokens -4 collaboration tokens -15 Loan tokens -3 Community Farm tokens -Market Helper token -Season token -15 Hops Infuser tokens -5 complex action space tiles -5 Mash Tuns -5 Oak Barrelhouses -5 Storehouses -5 Yeast Labs -5 Tour & Tasting Rooms -5 Double Batch Brewing Systems -5 Farms -5 Brewpubs

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Lagerstatus: På väg in! Förboka gärna.


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