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A 3-5 player game for the next UK Games Expo in May 2009 that bears a modern setting when compared to most of Wallace’s releases. Players are competing in the U.S. auto industry in the early 20th century, purchasing factories that turn out low-, medium- and high-valued vehicles, starting with the 1893 Duryea and moving up the time-line from there. Each player knows a portion of the market demand each round and must make his purchasing and manufacturing decisions based on that. You can fund distributors across the country, but if you don’t supply them with vehicles to sell, they go bankrupt, taking your investment with them. Alternatively, you can drop the prices on your cars to try to scoop other players. Or even temporarily improve sales rates at the cost of research. Special action spaces are available along the lines of Age of Steam with the actions provided by Ford, Durant, Kettering, and others some what related to their actual business history. As newer models make their way onto the market, they sell first compared with older models. What’s more, older factories give inefficiency cubes as time passes, encouraging you to keep pace with technology. To get money, you need to build cars with your factories, but if you build more than there is demand you lose not only the money spend to make them, but you gain inefficiency cubes that hurt you for the rest of the game. Whoever manages their car factories the best over this 120-150 minute game will win.

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Artnr: MFG4521
Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara 1-2 veckor (förutsatt att grossist ej har slut)


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