Art of Science (English rules)

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The Art of Science is a quiz game on the theme of science, where you collect points in the categories Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology and “Miscellaneous” (a category with all possible kind of questions). You pick which categories you want to give priority - and by so doing - collect the most points in. Consequently, a biologist and a mathematician can meet on equal grounds. The game also includes strategic features to increase the level of excitement. Test yourself! Ma: How can 2000 be written in Roman numerals in two different ways? Bi: What is the perceived pain called, felt in a body part after amputation? Ch: What is the active ingredient in baking powder? Ph: What do you call an object that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation? Te: What is the separation method that separates macromolecules on the basis of their rate of movement through a gel under the influence of an electric field? Mi: Which European language is official in Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea? Number of players: 2-6 •Time: 45-90 min •Game type: Quiz game •Theme: Natural sciences and technology •Number of questions: 1500 •Language: English •Age: 18+ •Difficulty: University level •Year of manufacture: 2012

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