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Apocalypse Chaos

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Your ship has been surrounded by a hostile alien race and the situation looks dire, but you and your crew ain’t goin’ down without a fight! You must work together to contest the onslaught of enemy forces, recover items of scientific interest, rescue the innocent, escape imprisonment, and destroy the alien leader. • An action-packed cooperative experience for you and your friends to conquer. • Modular components allow players to craft their own missions. • Includes a campaign of scenarios to test your courage and inspire your creativity. CONTENT: • 20 6-sided custom dice • 5 Standees • 4 Player Boards • 10 Room tiles • 31 Enemy/Equipment cards • 90 various tokens • 8 plastic pillars 1-4 players 60 min 13+

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Artnr: ZMG71610
Lagerstatus: Tillfälligt slut/Temporarily out of stock


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